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Do you want to improve your own or your team's performance?

All you have to do is to call me to arrange for A Free Consultation.  My mobile number is +34 655 675 065, you can find me on WhatsApp, or you can send me an email by clicking the button below.

Learn new techniques and EXCEL.  Practice Better & Play To Win.

Clinical Hypnotherapy For Sports Performance can give you the techniques that the professionals use.

At the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 the Soviet team included more than ten Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Since then the value of hypnosis in sport has been well recognised.

All sportsmen and sportswomen (both amateur and professional) can bring dramatic improvements to their performances by enhancing their concentration, their focus and reducing their nerves and tensions.

Over the course of a few sessions you will learn the skills to use each and every time you train and compete.

  • Gain more from your training sessions.

  • Find Your Edge

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety.

  • Increase your motivation.

  • Gain more Energy.

  • Develop the desired Positive Mental Attitude and summon it when you most need it.

  • Learn the skills to be relaxed and in control at will.

  • Reduce recovery time after injury.

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Ken Cooke 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

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