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Have you decided to quit for good?

Perhaps you have tried several times before.

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What do I get from smoking?

The short answer is "not a lot".

There was a time when you did get something from it.  Most new smokers wanted to fit in with the crowd (peer pressure) or to emulate their roll models.  Think about it for a moment.  Can you remember what you got from it?

There is one thing that you do get from smoking.  You are burning money and risking your health, just so that for twenty minutes or so, you can feel like a non-smoker does all of the time.

Why should I stop?

Everyone has different reasons, but they usually include one or more of the following:

  • heath

  • cost

  • smell

  • anti socially behaviour

  • being thought of as weak willed

  • losing a family member or close friend from smoking related issues


if you are still asking yourself that question perhaps you are not quite ready yet. Changing old habits requires focus, dedication and usually help.

What happens when I stop?

These are just some of the benefits that will naturally happen once you stop smoking:​

  • Your blood pressure and pulse return to normal.

  • Oxygen levels in your blood start returning to normal.

  • A little later carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body.  Your lungs start to clear out the mucus and other smoking debris.

  • Breathing becomes easier within a few days.  Your bronchial tubes begin to relax and your energy levels increase.

  • Within a few weeks the circulation improves throughout your body, making walking and exercise a whole lot easier.

  • Then coughs, wheezing and breathing problems get better as your lung function increases.

  • Your risk of a heart attack and lung cancer begins to fall.

I've tried to stop before

Lots of people try more than once so there is no need to be discouraged.  What did you try?  Was it "cold turkey", nicotine replacement therapy (patches and gums), vaping or something else.

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