• Ken Cooke

You Want to be Normal?

Sometimes I see clients who say they just want “to be normal”. Everyone’s perception of “normal” is going to be different and therapists tend to steer clear of this term.

Perhaps the client is saying that at times they are feeling different, but different from what?

Feeling different from others

Can the client really know how others are feeling? They may be carrying on with life and appearing “normal”, but perhaps they are managing their own issues.

Let’s take the example of a builder, who is fearful of heights. They may avoid roofing contracts altogether, while hiding their fear from co-workers and appearing “normal”.

Comparing ourselves to others who we believe to be “normal” is not a good approach.

Feeling different from yourself

There are two immediate question that you can look at:

  • Are you feeling different from usually? What has changed in your life now? Perhaps, you have taken a job that isn’t meeting your original expectations, or your family circumstances have altered.

  • Are you feeling different from how you think you should? How are you basing that judgement and have you ever been that person before?

Answering those questions will start to throw some light on your feelings or behaviours.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can be an effect tool to help with unwanted feelings, such as panic attacks, anxiety, lethargy – just to name a few.

Equally, hypnotherapy is also effective for dealing with unwanted behaviours, such as smoking, overeating, running away from small mice, etc., etc.

Hopefully, this short article can help you to evaluate why you feel different, otherwise a visit to the doctor or even a bit of assistance from your family may be positive.

Whatever you decide to do it is best not to carry a burden around with you – seek some help!

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