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What is YOUR Reality?


For thousands of years there have been many insightful books written about philosophy and how someone’s perception of their own reality may differ from actual reality.

This is article just covers a few quick examples, so that the reader can see how clinical hypnotherapy can change perceived reality.

Consider an Indian elephant. When it is young it may be tethered to a stout tree with a heavy chain and cannot break free. After a year or so that heavy chain can be replace by a flimsy rope. The elephant still believes that it is securely harnessed. The reality is it could easily break free and probably uplift the tree as well. The elephant’s perception of reality differs from the physical reality.

Let’s take another example from the animal kingdom. A fish tank is divided with a sheet of glass down the middle and fish are placed in both sections. After a while the fish perceive that the partition is the outer limit of their world. When the glass is removed the fish still confine themselves to their own segment.

Babies believe that bears are soft, comforting with shiny glass eyes and can be held in their arms. That perception changes with the first visit to a zoo. Don’t forget that the world used to be flat and at the centre of the universe. Smoking was once considered to be a healthy activity.

An individual’s perception of reality starts to be created from a very early age and continues to change throughout life.

The environment, an individual’s experiences and the experiences of others effects the way that the subconscious mind builds a person’s unique reality.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a great tool for helping the subconscious mind to change negative perceptions into positive ones.

Philosophy is a very interesting subject and I recommend that anyone can gain much from reading a few books on the subject or even by browsing through YouTube.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact me for a Free Consultation, if you believe that your perception needs realigning.

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