Losing Weight - The Natural Way

Updated: Feb 3

Healthy person checking their shape and size

Forget about Counting Calories and discover how hypnotherapy can harness the positive power of your mind to naturally manage your Shape & Size.

You were born with the perfect weight management system. You cried when you wanted milk and you rejected it when you had had enough.

Even as a small baby you knew exactly how much you needed to keep you alive and healthy.

Shortly afterward adults would have started to influence your eating, with remarks such as “you will never become a big girl if you don't eat up”. Guess what happened. Another classic is “eat up everything and then you can have your pudding”.

Then as you grew up you became used to eating at fixed times, whether you were hungry or not.

Perhaps you concentrated on other matters while eating. Checking for emails, making phone calls, chatting with friends, grabbing your food while watching the kids. All on autopilot, but you don’t listen to your body.

Can you relate to any of the above?

Forget about calorie counting and weighing yourself. Let hypnotherapy help you to listen to your body again. Allow it to tell you when to eat and when it has had enough and start to enjoy your food again. The tasty food that you like - not diet food.

You can accomplish this with four focused sessions. Most clients find that this is the perfect solution for them, but we also offer the option of having a Virtual Gastric Band installed for those who want it.

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