Hypnotherapy During Surgery

Surgical Scalpel

At the beginning of June 2018 The European Society of Anaesthesiology held its annual conference in Copenhagen. One of the topics related to the use of hypnosis during surgery as an alternative to traditional anaesthetics.

There have been many studies carried out, but that was perhaps the first time that it had been presented in a formal way to Europe’s leading anaesthetists.

The research group studied 150 surgeries that doctors had performed on cancer patients in the Curie Institute of Paris using a method called hypnosedation.

They found that only two patients suffered slight discomfort at the beginning of the procedure and these were immediately given anaesthetics and surgery took place as scheduled.

The remaining 148 patients did not need a general anaesthetic (just a local pain management) and all were awake during their procedures.

The benefits for using hypnosedation include shortened recovery times and less side effects from the anaesthesia.

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