Can I be Hypnotised over the Internet?

The short answer is “Yes” and using ZOOM for therapy has become more common recently.

In fact, a properly conducted session with a professional hypnotherapist can be just as effective as a “Face to Face” meeting.

One of the big advantages is that you can stay in the comfort of your own home while visiting the therapist’s office.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Hypnotherapy is helping people all over the world to change their lives. However, just as hypnosis is not the right solution for everyone, remote sessions via Zoom may not be the best solution for you.

Answer this by arranging a Free Consultation and get advice from the professional.

Weigh up that information, your circumstances, your experience during the Free Consultation and then decide which method you would prefer.

What do I need?

All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone with a connection to the internet. It couldn’t be any easier and you definitely don’t have to be a technical person.

There are some obvious environmental considerations. You will need somewhere quiet so that you won’t be disturbed by people, pets, phone calls, etc.

Why don’t I just download a pre-recorded session from the Internet?

There are thousands upon thousands of sessions available from professionals and hobbyists alike and they may be helpful in certain situations. However, most people have their own, very specific, reasons for seeking help and pre-recorded tracks don’t always match those requirements.

I’m interested in finding out more. How does it work?

· Firstly, call me on +34 655 675 065 (also WhatsApp) or send me an email by visiting

· We can then agree a date and time for the Free Consultation.

· I will send you a link for you to click on.

· During the meeting we will discuss how hypnotherapy works, what you should expect and answer all your questions.

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