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Fear of the Dentist

People are not born with a fear of the dentist’s surgery, but for many it comes about as a learned response.

What causes this fear?

By observing the reactions of family and friends it is possible to build a fear based on experiences of others.

Fear can be fuelled by taking a seat in the chair. It is like entering another world, with strange looking objects, unusual noises and the dentist is going to dig about with threatening looking objects.

Some patients suffer from a general fear of needles.

Then, of course, there is the discomfort of gagging and feeling that everything is beyond the patient’s control.

For some it is the claustrophobic feeling of being sandwiched between the chair and the dentist.

Neglect can also cause misplaced embarrassment


Who suffers from this fear?

About half of the adult population do their utmost to avoid the dentist. Even armed with the knowledge that the problem is unlikely to go away on its own, many will procrastinate until such a time as a preventative approach has escalated into an urgent and unavoidable issue.

How can hypnotherapy help?

A professional practitioner will guide their client into a very comfortable and relaxed state, where they are able to visualise many of experiences associated with a visit to the dentist in a very calm and non-threatening manner.

The client will learn how to desensitise themselves from the fearful elements and at the same time concentrate their attention on the positive and beneficial aspects of the treatment.

Will Hypnotherapy Help You?

The short answer is almost certainly a “Yes”. However, it is important to find a clinical hypnotist that you feel that you can work with and ask lots of questions.

To give you a guide, I always invite people to come in for a Free Chat first. During this meeting I describe what to expect and how the therapy works. We then run through any questions that surface and suggest that number of sessions required. I like clients to leave me with all the information that they require. They can then decide in their own good time whether to take it further.

I don’t use a “one size fits all” method and all therapy is tailored for the individual.

I’m always happy to meet people for a free chat and you are welcome to phone me on +34 655 675 065 or click this link to fire off an email.

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