Exploring Past Lives in Hypnosis

Updated: Mar 12

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Finding out about your past lives can be like taking a trip back in a time machine.

Only a small percentage of people in the western world view reincarnation seriously, but elsewhere it is taken for granted and millions deeply believe that they have had past lives.

The BBC produced one of their Learning documentaries on this subject and there are several books available. One of the better ones is entitled Same Soul Many Bodies written by Brian Weiss.

In the main, people consider past life regression for two reasons.

Some are curious about whether they had past lives, what they did and where they lived.

Others are searching for explanations for unexplained feelings, dreams or physical marks.

Past Life Regression is not going to be a science-based process. However, it should be interesting and can be of great clinical support, even allowing them to reduce their anxiety and move on from unwanted feelings.

Past Life Regression for Fun

Clients usually find this to be a pleasant experience because they are guided to happy times in a safe environment. Sometimes they are a little disappointed because they weren’t famous, but perhaps someone living a more ordinary life.

Ideally, we aiming for a period within the last a few hundred years yields the best results, because records may be available to collaborate the experiences. Clients are always delighted to find written indications of a previous life through official records, a grave stone or other historical discoveries.

Picking up interesting information from before then is more difficult. Take a farm worker from about 1600 as an example. They wouldn’t have been able to read, were probably just known by a nickname (“Boy” for instance), might never have referred to their village by its name and probably would not have been aware of any helpful dates.

Nevertheless, clients may discover a name and interesting information about their previous life. Did they grow crops, tend livestock? Were they married and how many children did they have? Perhaps they will discover who they supported in conflicts.

Past Life Regression Therapy

This is more serious with clients coming for specific reasons. Perhaps they have disturbing, recurring dreams that revolve around a previous time. Maybe they feel unexplained hostility towards another person or fear certain conditions, such as grey skies or muddy land - similar to a battlefield. Carefully and gently guidance under hypnosis will usually ease the discomfort.

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