Can I get stuck in a Hypnotic Trance?

The short answer is no.

However, it is a thought that runs through many people’s minds and even puts them off seeking help from a professional hypnotherapist.

Importantly, we don’t put you into a trance. You put yourself into the trance and we just act as facilitators to guide you down that road.

Let's give you an example by asking you to think back to a time when you learnt to drive. From the very first lesson the driving instructor sat beside you, and you controlled the car. They gave instructions in a structured manner for you to follow. It became easier with each lesson and soon you were able to drive without their help.

Going into a trance is like learning to drive – you are the one in control and it becomes easier each time you do it.

The next point is that going into a trance is a natural everyday experience for most of us. Again, let's give you a few examples.

Imagine yourself driving along a familiar road and your thoughts wanders off. You can become so engrossed with these thoughts that you forget passing certain landmarks.

However, the great thing is that if anything needs your attention – such as someone stepping out in front of the car – you can immediately snap out of the trance. You are always in control.

Another example is when you are watching television your mind can wander off. You are still staring at the screen, but loose the plot. You simply come back when you are ready.

Have you zoned out at a meeting before?

The hypnotherapist guides you into a trance and then guides you out again. Coming out of the trance is a nice, gentle affair. Some clients are very deep and want to stay there a bit longer. They are not stuck in a trance, but they feel so relaxed and comfortable that they just want to enjoy it for a bit longer.

Going into a trance and coming back out is perfectly natural and we do it every day.

Hopefully, that allays any concerns about being stuck in a trance. Now find a professional hypnotherapist that you feel that you can work with.

You are welcome to book a Free Initial Consultation with us to find out more about hypnotherapy.

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