Can Hypnotherapy help with Hay fever?

Yellow face denoting someone blowing their nose.

Hypnosis can be a very natural, quick and lasting way to beat hay fever.

About one in five people suffer from this allergic condition at some stage in their lives. Sometimes this can start from an early age and others may not notice the effects until much later on.

It is a bit of a nuisance for some and for others it can have a severe impact on their day to day activities.

The proteins contained in the pollen can trigger off reactions and chemicals are released as part of the body’s natural defense mechanism. Sufferers can experience inflammation of the blood vessels in their nose, eyes, throat and sinuses. This swelling results in irritation.

Sometimes a dose of antihistamines will provide relief for a while, but there can be unwanted side effects. Those with severe, reoccurring, symptoms should investigate immunotherapy, which can provide lasting improvements. This can involve a course of injections and might not provide the immediate relief required.

Hypnotherapy could be the answer and relief can usually be achieved after the first hypnotic session although complete relief usually takes two or three sessions.

We invite sufferers to come in for a Free Chat first so that they know what to expect from the therapy.

We then run through any questions that surface and suggest that number of sessions required. we like clients to leave with all the information that they require to decide if hypnotherapy is for them.

We don’t use a “one size fits all” method and all therapy is tailored for the individual. Also, as part of the process all clients receive a free MP3 file, which acts as a “top up”, should it ever be required.

We are always happy to meet people for a free chat and you are welcome to phone us or click this link to fire off an email.

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