Can Hypnotherapy Help The Immune System?

The short answer is “yes it can” in many cases.

It is well accepted that the stresses of modern living do impact on the both the mental and physical states. In many situations, hypnotherapy can help to normalise them again.

An article appeared in the renowned Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology in August 2001. The full paper are available for purchase at, however it basically boils down to the following:

The eminent authors had carried out tests on medical and dental students who were approaching their first major exam.

Blood samples were taken from selected students during low stress periods. Half of this sample group were then taught to hypnotise themselves during the period leading up to their exams. A second set of blood tests were then taken three days before their first major exam.

The “before” and “after” samples were then compared and it was found that the immune systems of those who had been hypnotised were stronger than those who hadn’t.

If you feel down or suspect that your immune system could be stronger, now might be the time to consult a professional hypnotherapist. Find someone that you are happy to work with and you are welcome to start that search by contacting us.

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