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3 Ways that Hypnotherapy can Help Carers

With the rising cost of professional care homes more people are having to look after their elderly parents, relatives and disabled patients.

These are three ways in which hypnotherapy can help both the patients and the carers during difficult times.

Hypnosis Can Reduce Pain

One of the founders of modern hypnotherapy, Milton Erickson, suffered terribly from polio when he was young and used his own imagination to relieve the acute pain. His method was to visualise himself sinking slowly to the bottom of a swimming pool and releasing all his pain there. He referred to it as “ink” and as he resurfaced he could see in his mind’s eye the ink left behind at the bottom of the pool. This self-hypnosis technique allowed him to cope with the pain for several hours. A professional hypnotherapist can provide similar help to patients and even help them to reduce the number of painkillers that they rely on.

Hypnosis as a Respite

Many patients require almost continuous supervision and their carers have very little down-time. Being able to relax deeply while the patient is asleep or otherwise engaged is a great way to recharge the batteries. By learning self-hypnosis from a professional hypnotherapist can really help the situation.

The Emotional Side

Caring is all about feelings and there are many times those unwanted feelings creep in.

Think about being cared for by you son or daughter. You probably intended them to have a free and fulfilling joyful and uplifting life. Perhaps you have a feeling of guilt and deep regret, but how do you address it? Hypnotherapy can help you to change your perception of the situation and help them, to help you.

On the flip side, carers can, and do, sometimes feel as though they have had their own lives stolen from them. There can be moments when they wish that their patient would just pass away and let them have their lives back. This is usually followed up with feeling of great regret.

Who should I talk to?

Hypnotherapy can help these situations with a little bit of therapy. Talking with a professional hypnotherapist is a great starting point. Usually, they will offer you a free consultation to tell you about the process and let you ask questions. When you meet someone, you will know if they are a professional. We are all different and perhaps downloading a self-hypnosis thing from the internet is not the most reliable way to go.

Feel free to talk to me

I always invite people to come in for a Free Chat first. During this meeting I describe what to expect and how the therapy works. We then run through any questions that surface and I suggest the number of sessions required. I like clients to leave me with all the information that they want. They can then consider my proposal and decide whether to take it further.

I don’t use a “one size fits all” method and all therapy is tailored for the individual. Also, as part of the process all my clients receive a CD or MP3 file, which acts as a “top up”, should it ever be required.

I’m always happy to meet people for a free chat and you are welcome to phone me on +34 655 675 065 or click this link to fire off an email.



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