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Can Everyone Be Hypnotised?

This is a very good question and concerns many people when they are considering hypnotherapy. There is no simple answer, but in the main most people can be hypnotised.

There are three main categories, who are less suitable for clinical hypnotherapy.

  • Young children.

  • Those with a severe mental handicap.

  • People who do not want to be hypnotised.

Young children and those with severe mental handicaps may find it hard to follow the hypnotherapist’s suggestions.

Contrary to many people’s impression, a suitable client should be willing to be hypnotised. This may raise the question of who would consult a hypnotherapist, while not wanting to be hypnotised. This does happen quite often and usually when someone is coerced in some way. For instance, someone may want their partner or friend to stop smoking, but the smoker has no intention of quitting.

Now let’s work on the assumption that you are reading this because you would like to find out whether hypnotherapy is suitable for you. Perhaps you don’t want to waste time and money trying something that might not work. Unfortunately, most people cannot make a sound decision by reading an article or browsing the internet. You really need to be sitting in front of someone who can help you.

The only effective way to answer this question is by contacting a clinical hypnotherapist. Usually, they will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation. If they aren’t, try someone else.

Like all meetings, information should pass both ways and by the end you should have a feeling whether the hypnotherapist is going to help you. My best advice to you is to leave the meeting, consider whether you wish to work with them and don’t be scared to ask any follow-up questions. Also, don’t be scared to see more than one hypnotherapist.

You are welcome to get in touch with me for a Free Initial Consultation. It will be free of charge and free from any obligation.


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