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Do you wonder about your past? 

Hypnotherapy may help you to uncover the source of unexplained feelings and memories relating to another time in your history.

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Are you curious about the past?

Finding out about your past lives can be like taking a trip in a time machine.

Perhaps you want to explain thoughts, emotions, dreams or even physical markings. 

How does it work? 

The concept of reincarnation is not popular in the west, but most of the people on this planet accept it to some degree.

For some people it is just a bit of fun, but it can also have therapeutic value for others.

By using hypnotherapy to regress the client it is usually possible to take them back to a time and place that they were not aware of. 

Is it based on science?

No.  However, there have been several very good documentaries about the subject, including BBC productions that point to the possible existence of memories from previous lives being recalled today.

It is important to realise that our recollections can be contaminated by movies, books and even stories that we have been told. 

What will I discover?

Most clients do discover interesting things from past lives and some of those can help to explain their current thoughts, feelings and emotions.

They may recall their name (or nickname), where they were born, their childhood, family members, whether they were married, how many children they had, their jobs,where they traveled and even dates.

It becomes very interesting and exciting when clients regress to a time when records existed.  This means that they will be able start investigating their past once the session is over.


It will be wonderful if you discover that you had been an important historical figure, but most of the people were less notable.

Will I be scared?

Usually the events from past lives are so remote that it is like watching a movie where you are the star.

I monitor for discomfort and ensure that you are safe and secure at all times.

What if I don't experience a past life?

Some of my clients don't regress and when that happens they are offered a 50% discount or another session free of charge.

Don't forget - this is not science based, but it can be extremely interesting.

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