Man holding his painful damaged knee

Are you struggling to manage chronic pain, recover from surgery or medical treatment?

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly accepted as an effective and natural method for managing pain.

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Why am I in pain?

No matter what you are told, pain exists for a reason.  It is there to protect you.  For example, it tells you not to stick your hand in a fire or go dancing immediately after a knee injury.

A very important consideration 

It is vital that any form of pain reduction using hypnotherapy is first discussed with your medical doctor.

How does it help?

Medical hypnotherapy is now used in many area, including the following:

  • Natural child birth 

  • With patients who are allergic to anesthetics

  • Dental visits

  • First response situations

  • Reduction of acute pain

  • When pain persists well after the physical damage has healed. 

  • Speeding up the recovery after surgery or injury.

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