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Do you have an annoying habit?

Lots of people do - nail biting, pulling out hair, nervous ticks, constantly checking for messages, counting and OCD are just a few examples. 

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What is a habit?

Habits evolve from conscious behaviour and then become unconscious when repeated often enough.  

Let's take an example.  Use the power of your imagination to visualise the following events.


  1. You are expecting some very important news, so you consciously keep an eye on your mobile phone.

  2. No news - you start to check it more often.

  3. Still no news - you are becoming agitated and can only think of the phone.

  4. By extension, if this goes on for long enough, you will unconsciously check the phone even after that important news have been received.

  5. You now have a new habit. 


A simple example, but you get the idea.  A similar process happens with nail biting, pulling out hair, checking that the doors are locked. 


Some habits are tedious, but others can develop into OCD and ruin your quality of life.  

Getting rid of habits

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind and can help you to bring unwanted habits under control.  Sometimes, it will take some work from you, but progress can happen quickly once the automated behaviour is interrupted.

It may be wise to consult your doctor first about some habits, such as long-term OCD.

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