Fearful lady sitting in a plane

Does the fear of flying ruin your holiday?

Perhaps spiders, snakes or something else causes a problem.

Phobias can be overwhelming, but I can help. 

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What are fears & phobias?

​Fear is a natural and explainable response caused by a real danger.  Sometimes these fears are formed by our own imaginative powers or Hollywood.  Very few people die in air disasters, but many people have a fear of flying.

Thankfully, most of the things that we fear never happen.  However, our imagination is so strong that unchecked fear can make life a misery.

Phobias usually relate to deep seated feelings that were learnt much earlier in life, from events that happened to us or from reactions that we witnessed.  Classic examples include:  spiders, snakes, dogs, going outdoors and social phobias.

Saying goodbye to them

Hypnotherapy can uncover the root cause of fears and phobias.  Then with the help of relaxation and visualisation techniques the chain of unwanted feelings can be desensitised and replaced by positive ones.

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