Aggressive Man Screaming with Anger

Do things make your blood boil?

Flying off the handle is a great way to express your feelings, but is it damaging your health?

If anger is getting the better of you, perhaps it is time to change.

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What makes you fume?

Is it ....

  • other peoples actions and behaviours?

  • noise?

  • traffic?

  • queues?

  • being kept waiting?

  • rubbish?

  • untidiness?

  • incompetence?

  • lack of success?

  • past events or future events?

The list can be endless.

What does anger do for you ...

  • do you get an uplifting feeling if you vent your views?

  • have you considered how it affects your body?

  • how successful have you been at changing the things that anger you?

  • have you unfairly hurt someone that you care about?

  • have you lost friends or loved ones because of anger?

  • do you regret your anger later?

Let's face it - most things are outside of our control.  However, we can change the way that we feel about them.

I want to calm down

If you real want to get a grip on on your anger, make a change now before it has a physical impact on you.

Hypnotherapy will not change the factors that are outside of your control, but it will change the way that you feel about them.  would you like to live a happy, calm and peaceful life and being in control of your behaviour.

Real changes are usually achieved after only one or two sessions.

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